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After graduating with a Bachelor Degree In Advertising Arts (with an emphasis in Graphic Design), my professional life began in publication design. After moving to Austin in 2006, my career transitioned into a freelance designer. 

For over 20+ years, I have worked in Publication Design and Graphic Design. My motto for design is, “It doesn’t really matter how good or how cool the design is, if it doesn’t work for the client, it doesn't work."

In my design career I have had positions as an Art Director/Creative Director, Photo Stylist and even as an Editor (that was a long story). 

And because life has now intermingled into the digital world, it became necessary to tackle Web Design. I fought it for as long as I could, but I quite enjoy adding that to my "graphic" repertoire.

Being a designer, I'm attracted to many kinds of design. In my work experience I developed a skill for Photo Styling (Set Design) and enjoy setting up scenes for photography. It also feeds my tendency for collecting props. Let's just say that my collection is always trying to take over my garage and storage unit. The battle continues.

Early on I always had a natural talent for Interior Design. In fact, my high school guidance counselor told me Interior Design was my best career choice. Although I never followed that path, I have fussed with and re-done my home in differing styles over the years and have done friend's rooms in their houses to my great delight. Recently I decided to put that love into action and am offering Interior Decorating as a service. Who knew that counselor was right?

One of my biggest personal accomplishments has been the creation of my company, Blood Over Texas. Taking my personal passion for scary movies and the dark and gothic lifestyle, I created  a community based group in 2011 to support the local horror scene in Austin. Blood Over Texas did many things as a community group, but in 2016 I transformed it into an exclusive horror-themed event production company. Events were always the funnest part of the group so I decided to focus on that aspect. Blood Over Texas is active today and I am responsible for all event planning/design, marketing and branding. It's a monster of a job to say the least.

I spend my "off time" creating art (mixed-media) and enjoying time with my wonderful partner and our two adorable cats.

Please visit my other sites for more on what I do:

Blood Over Texas

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